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IDGOP Statement: President Donald J. Trump wins Idaho Republican Presidential Caucus


March 2, 2024

Boise, ID —-

President Donald J. Trump wins Idaho Republican Presidential Caucus

The Idaho Republican Party announces that President Donald J. Trump has won the Idaho Republican Presidential Caucus.

See below for IDGOP Chairwoman Dorothy Moon’s full statement:

“We are pleased to announce that with over 84% of the precincts reporting the results of the Idaho Republican Presidential Caucus, President Donald J. Trump has won all 32 of Idaho’s delegates to the Republican National Convention. Idaho has reaffirmed its steadfast support for President Trump today. We recognize that our state stands as a beacon of support for Republican ideals, reaffirming Idaho’s status as "Trump Country" with his resounding victory in our caucus. The enthusiasm and dedication of supporters in Idaho is emblematic of the strength and unity of our party. Trump's agenda is what strengthened our nation before, and it will once more. To secure our southern border, grow our flailing economy, and shield our nation from the radical leftist agenda, it is imperative that we rally together as a united party.

I am so proud to say that the caucuses today were organized 100% by the Idaho Republican Party without any reliance on taxpayer dollars. This monumental event was meticulously planned, facilitated, and executed by the dedicated state party staff, alongside the invaluable thousands of Republican volunteers across the state. Their tireless efforts ensured the smooth operation of the caucuses at 210 locations statewide, culminating in a resounding success. The Republican Party is fueled by grassroots volunteers. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every volunteer for their unwavering commitment to the State of Idaho and the Republican Party's conservative principles.

With less than a year to plan for the November general election, today thousands of conservative Idahoans let their voice be heard loud and clear. It’s time to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN by returning President Trump back to the White House!”


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