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Idaho Republican Party
Presidential Caucus

Statewide in Idaho
March 2, 2024

The 2024 Caucus

Idaho Republican Presidential Caucus
March 2, 2024

Idaho Republican State Central Committee overwhelmingly voted to choose delegates for the 2024 Republican National Convention’s Presidential Nominating contest through a caucus system, adopting a caucus proposal at our summer meeting in Challis, Idaho. 

This vote moves Idaho into the early stages of the Republican Presidential nominating fight — allowing Idaho Republicans to vote before Super Tuesday. 

Commentators and political pundits expect this coming year’s race for the Republican nomination to be hotly contested, with every delegate selected playing a key role in the ultimate outcome.  

Recognizing the importance of voter participation and accessibility, the State Central Committee has also passed a resolution urging the legislature to reinstate the March presidential primary. In the event that the March presidential primary is not restored, the Idaho Republican caucus will serve as our comprehensive plan to ensure a robust Presidential selection process. 

The Idaho Republican Party remains committed to upholding the principles that empower the citizens of Idaho to have a meaningful voice in shaping our nation's future.

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The Conference

About the Caucus

What is a Caucus?

The first Saturday in March, the day of Idaho’s Republican Presidential Caucus, every county in the state will hold a County Caucus. The counties will invite Republican candidates and voters to attend and participate. Voting will be conducted by secret ballot. Delegates for the Republican National Convention will be awarded proportionately according to the outcome of the statewide votes in the Idaho Republican Presidential Caucus with the provison that any candidate who receives more than 50% of the statewide vote total will be awarded all the Idaho delegates for the Republican National Convention.

The 2024 Idaho Republican Presidential Nominating Caucus is a Firehouse Caucus. A Firehouse Caucus is one round of voting, not multiple rounds of voting, so it will be a more efficient process than the caucus in 2012.

The Idaho Republican Presidential Nomination Caucus will result in 32 pledged delegates to the Republican National Convention, allocated according to the County Caucus voting—possibly with all delegates pledged to one Presidential candidate.


2024 Republican Presidential Candidates

Declared 2024 Republican Presidential Candidates
Listed in order of filing with the Idaho GOP
Resources for Presidential Candidate Campaigns
Information for Presidential Campaigns and Declaration of Candidacy form


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In order to participate in the Idaho Republican Presidential Caucus, you MUST have been registered to vote in Idaho and affiliated as a Republican before DECEMBER 31, 2023.

If you are a registered Republican, find your caucus location below:

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Attention Press: The Idaho Republican Party will be announcing the caucus results via press statement. To receive the press statement please click below to provide your information.



The Idaho Republican Presidential Caucus is serving nearly 600,000 voters and is completely paid for by voluntary donations with no taxpayer funding.

Please help us to ensure Idaho is significant in selecting the Republican Presidential Candidate by being a donor.

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